Guitar Tabs?

Well, no chords or tabs online for this one so i decided to work on it on my acoustic and i got it really fast 'n easy. You can use a capo on 1st fret but, if not, that's fine anyway. Now for the intro, after Am7 and a bit of hammering on some notes, you should add a G# (or Ab) before you go on the chorus. I just love this one, enjoy it!!

1. Am7 and hammer G chord on 2nd fret, then step on it..

2. Em and hammer C on B string, 1st fret, play it open once and then G and D open chords..

3. F and play open B, C on B string (1st fret), D on B string, (3rd fret), C on B string (1st fret) again, open B and C on B string (1st fret) again..

4. F, Em, G, G#....and off you go for the chorus ;

Am7, Em, F, G, G#

Am, G (3x), F, Em

Am, G (3x), F, Em, F, G