A Celebration of the Land, Wilderness America

From online review: “Wilderness America / A Celebration of the Land, is a musical exploration of our place within the cycle of living things. All compositions were specially commissioned for this album and blended with natural sounds recorded in the wild.” That’s what the liner notes say, but that’s only half the story. This private record includes various artists, but has recently become known for the track “Metropolis,” which is a heavy soul/funk song that features Walter Hawkins, Harvey Mason, Mike Melvoin, and Lee Ritnour. Other pieces include “Mountain,” a gentle folk piece sung by David Riordan (who wrote many of the tracks on this LP), and “Flight of the Egret,” a jazzy folk instrumental trackPrivately released in the U.S., probably in the 1970's"....... and pretty expensive to buy on vinyl format (around 100 euros or so). Extremely rare and beautiful grooves. Enjoy!